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The life of William Cobbett

By Cole, G.D.H.

London: W. Collins and Sons. Ltd, 1924. Very Good. William Cobbett (9 March 1763 � 18 June 1835) was an English pamphleteer, farmer and journalist, who was born in Farnham, Surrey. He believed that reforming Parliament and abolishing the rotten boroughs would help to end the poverty of farm labourers, and he attacked the borough-mongers, sinecurists and ""tax-eaters"" relentlessly. He was also against the Corn Laws, a tax on imported grain. Early in his career, he was a loyalist supporter of King and Country: but later he joined and successfully publicised the radical movement which led to the Reform Bill of 1832, and to his winning the parliamentary seat of Oldham. Although he was not a Catholic, he became a fiery advocate of Catholic Emancipation in Britain. Through the seeming contradictions in Cobbett's life, two things stayed constant: an opposition to authority, and a suspicion of novelty. Grey boards with writing to spine and front. Handcut pages. A very nice illustration inside of William Cobbett. Some shelf wear.


The Passing to the Great Reform Bill

By Butler, J.R.M.

London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1914. First edition. Good +. The Constitution as we know it wears, to all intents and purposes, the shape it assumed in 1832. To parody a famous phrase, that year is now the limit of constitutional memory. The passing of the Great Reform Bill takes us suddeny into another air; we leave the remote world of the 18th century, peopled by the heroic ghosts of Pitt and Fox and Canning, for the era of Peel and Palmerston, of corn-laws and the Crimea. The old aristocratic system begins to crumble and the feet of the nation are set in the path that leads to democracy. The story of the Reform Bill has never been fully told. This book was mainly written in the summer of 1912 as a dissertation for a Trinity fellowship. It is more concerned throughout with negotiations behind the scenes, and with the working and effect of popular opinion, than with the course of events in Parliament. minor marks to cover, blue boards with writing to spine. some bumping.pages some foxing and the foredges a bit dirty. binding a little loose. owner inscribed in ink.heavy book so post and packing to be adjusted accordingly.


The British System of Government

By Birch, Anthony H.

London: Routledge, 1993. Revised. Paperback. Very Good +. This is the ninth edition of Anthony Birch's classic text, extensively revised. It provides a lively, comprehensive and up-to-date account of British political institutions, the way they operate and what they reveal of the society in which they developed. The book examines recent political developments without losing sight of the underlying structure of governmental institutions and its relationship with political ideas and behaviour. This revised edition features an entirely new chapter on the European Community, an expanded chapter on citizens' rights, and a rewritten concluding chapter which pays particular attention to an examination of the success of representative government in Britain. paperback with minor shefwear.foredge some staining and rubbing. clean pages and tight binding.


To Convey Intelligence

By Courtauld, Simon

London: profile books, 1999. First published. Near Fine/near fine. This is the very lively and entertaining and often controversial story of a great magazine. Black boards with writing to spine.Dj mylar covered. Nice tight binding and clean pages. First Edition


The Unknown Prime MInister

By Blake, Robert

London: Spottiswoode, 1955. first published. Very Good. A very interesting book on as it says the unknown prime minister, taken largely from Bonars private papers in the posession of Lord Beaverbrook. Well researched. Green boards with writing to spine. Nice tight binding and clean pages. A plate of bonar inside taken from a sketch for an oil painting by John Guthrie. Some rubbing and foxing. Larger book so p&p adjusted accordingly.


Text Book for Auditing

By Ajowi, E

Kenya: law africa, 2005. Paperback. Very Good. syllabus for auditing papers of examination bodies. Some bumping and shelfwear. Nice tight binding and clean pages.


The Letters of Junius

By Everett, C W

London: Faber and Gwyer, 1927. Very Good. Edited with an Introduction by C.W.Everett.The hypothesis here advanced is, briefly, that the Letters of Junius were written by the Earl of Shelburne, in pursuance of the policies for which he had stood in the cabinet of 1767-1768."" Green boards with writing to spine. Minor bumping. Handcut pages, some foxing. Nice tight binding. Owner inscription.Heavy book so post and packing to be adjusted accordingly.



By Fuchs, Rachel.G.

New Jersey: Rutgers University Press., 1996. Paperback. Very Good. In their attempts to cope with the daunting problems of poverty and pregnancy, poor women in nineteenth-century France struggled with their environment and in some respect helped shape it. Rachel Fuchs reveals who these women were and how they survived. With dramatic detail, and drawing on actual hospital records and court cases and court testimonials, Fuchs portrays poor women's childbirth experiences. tight;slight chipping on corners and edge;clean


A Nation not Afraid, the thinking of Enoch Powell

By Powell, Enoch

England: Hodder and Stoughton, 1965. First edition. Paperback. Very Good +. Enoch Powell was one of the most influential and most respected right wing politicians of the day. The cohesion of his views is well brought out in John Woods collection of his speeches and articles, classified under the main political topics of today. Minor shelf wear



By Genet, Jean

London: Jonathan Cape, 1971. First uk edition. Very Good/very good. George Jackson is one of 3 black prisoners awaiting trial in California for the alleged murder of a white guard. The trial of the Soldad brothers as they have come to be known is one of the most explosive and crucial legal cases in Americas legal history. This book has been described as tough and sure both a weapon of liberation and a love poem. These are letters to so many different people. Black boards with writing to spine. Minor shelf wear.Dj mylar covered, bumped and shel worn. Two small tears to bottom left and right front cover.Some foxing to the for edge pages but internally clean pages and tight binding. First Edition


Mr Balfours Poodle

By Jenkins, Roy

London: Collins, 1968. Very Good. An account of the struggle between the house of lords and the government of Mr Asquith. Grey boards with writing to spine. Some bumping but nice tight binding and clean pages.


Stanley Baldwin

By Young, G M

London: Rupert Hart Davis, 1952. Second impression. Very Good. The life of Stanley Baldwin and his role in the conservatiove party. Purple boards with gold writing to spine.A little marked and some shelfwear. Nice tight binding and clean pages. No dj.



By Shaw, George Bernard Chesterton, G K

London: selection, 1915,1919,1917. Very Good. This is a collection of theses two authors pamphlets which have been bound together into one book. The titles are , The crimes of England, Letters to an Old Garibaldian, Peace Conference Hints, How to Settle the Irish Question. Green boards with gold writing to spine. Four political pamphlets bound into one book. They are, G K Chesterton, The Crimes of England, 1915 first edition, letters to an old Garibaldian, 1915 first edition. George Bernard Shaw, Peace Conference Hints 1919, How to Settle the Irish Question 1917. Pages yellowed and foxed. Some bumping to cover, very nice book. Some writing in pencil inside the front cover.


The Devil Makes Work

By Clarke John, Critcher Chas

London: macmillan education, 1987. Reprint. Paperback. Very Good. Leisure is seen as both promise and problem, It's domination by the market and the state, its persisatant inequalities demonstrates how leisure has become an integral part of the structure of our capatilist society. Crease to front cover



By Abu Taleb, Soufi Hassan

Cairo, 1966. First printing. Very Good. Arabic text, 276 pages New quarter leather binding. Nice tight binding . Some pages have owner markings, and the first pages has a small tear.


Our Partnership

By Webb, Beatrice

London: Longmans Green & Co., 1948. First edition. Very Good +/very good +. This book is an intimate, authoritative account of one of the greatest and most influential partnerships in English social history. Almost the entire editing of it had been competed by Beatrice Webb when, in 1943, she died. A companion volume to ""My Apprenticeship"", it combines her personal biography with the social history of the first 20 years of her married life, 1892-1912. In it is described her joint work with her husband in their historic enquiries into Trade Unions and local government institutions, and his part in developing London's education, first as a leading Progressive on the LCC and Chairman of the Technical Education Board, later in connection with the University of London and in pioneering the London School of Economics. Other chapters relate to Mrs Webb's own work on the Royal Commissions on the Poor Laws and the publication of the famous Minority Report, foreshadowing the break-up of the poor law, the Beveridge Report and the social security legislation of the then Labour Government. The book also quotes generously many entertaining passages from her diaries, describing her attendances at Trade Union Conferences, her place in London society and her dinner-parties in Grosvenor Road, her impressions of the young Fabians of the '90s and 1900s, her personal contacts with Labour leaders and MPs and her conversations with Cabinet Ministers and with coming young men - now elderly statesmen - of all political parties. Mylar cover;black boards with writing to spine. some marks to front board. dj nicked and torn.not price clipped so showing25 shillings.clean pages and tight binding. First Edition


The Big Necessity

By George, Rose

London: Portobello Books Ltd, 2008. First edition. Near Fine. An eye opening and unprecedented tour through the world of human waste, one of the biggest unchallenged causes of death worldwide, and for the many, to their immense cost,the last remaining taboo.


Twenty Years

By Alington, Cyril

Oxford: clarendon Press, 1921. Very Good. Cyril Alington wrote about 50 books. This is as the title suggests a study of the party system over 20 years from 1815. maroon boards with writing to spine. Bumping to corners and spine.Handcut paper, first inner page stained. Some pencil marks by owner. Tight binding and clean pages. Minor shelf wear.Illustrations very nice, they are all taken from the volumes of HB's political sketches in the British Museum.


Newcastle, A Duke without Money: Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1693-1768

By Kelch, Ray A

(rkp, 1974), 1974. First edition. Very Good/very good. This is the first biographical study of the Duke of Newcastle, the great landed aristocrat of the eighteenth century and a leading politician who spent the whole of his adult life in public service. Dark blue boards with writing to spine. Dj has a portrait of the duke. Slight shelfwear, but nice tight binding and clean pages. Not price clipped. First Edition


The Wealth of Nations Vol 1 and 2

By Smith, Adam

Geneva: J.M. Dent and Sons Ltd., 1960 and 1962. Very Good. This is said to be the most valuable contribution ever made by a single individual to determine the true principles of government. Blue boards with writing to spine. Nice tight binding and clean pages. Shelfwear and rubbing to boards. This being two volumes the postage will be adjusted accordingly.


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