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The Carnegie Hall Library of Classical Music - Bach 1685-1750
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The Carnegie Hall Library of Classical Music - Bach 1685-1750

By Johann Sebastian Bach

J.S. Bach Collection on (5) 12" Vinyl 33 1/3 RPM Records w/ 8 Page Book with information about the composer and performers. This is Set # 6 or the 30 Set Music Library, "The Carnegie Hall Library of Classical Music". Each vinyl record in enclosed in a durable record sleeve, then a card stock record jacket, these are housed in a drawer style dust case. This set includes: Record 1 Side 1 Brandenburg Concerto B Flat Major # 6, G Major # 3, Side 2 F Major # 1 (Karl Richter - Conductor) Record 2 Side 1 Brandenburg Concerto F Major # 2, G Major # 4 Side 2 Concerto D Major # 5 (Karl Richter - Conductor) Record 3 Side 1 Concerto in D Minor for Violins and Strings, Concerto in F Minor for Harpsichord, Strings and Continuo # 5 (Rudolf Baumgartner) Side 2 Concerto in C Major for 3 Harpsichords & Orchestra (Karl Richter - Conductor) Record 4 Side 1 (DAMAGED - See Note Below) Magnificat in D Major - Karl Richter, Conductor) Side 2 "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" , Cantata for Reformation Festival Record 5 Side 1 Toccata in D Minor Passacaglia in C Minor Side 2 Prelude in Fugue in D, Prelude and Fugue in A Minor So you don't need to ask, Record 5 includes "Toccata und Fugue" that eerie music from the 1970s movie, "Rollerball", After a professional inspection, we were advised that all 4 Records are conservatively graded at VERY GOOD, with the exception of RECORD 4 - Side 1 (Magnificat in D Major - Karl Richter, Conductor). There are a few severely damaged grooves major scratches. This side is mostly unplayable. WARNING: Buyers requiring shipments outside of the United States should expect additional shipping charges. Please inquire for a shipping price for your destination.