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Gettysburg A Testing Of Courage

By Trudeau, Noah Andre

2002, 1st edition, fine condition hardback, with a fine condition dust jacket, with a priced unclipped dust jacket flap, published by Harper Collins Publishers, 693 pages. A comprehensive study of the Gettysburg Campaign as seen from the perspective of the North and the South. With a comprehensive notes section and bibliography, and illustrated with maps. .


Long Hunter The Story Of Big Foot Spencer

By Parks, Edd Winfield

1942, 1st edition, very good condition green cloth binding, with a good+ dust jacket, small chips to dust jacket edges, the rear upper dust jacket corner has two inch triagle chip, published by Farrar & Rinehart Inc., New York, 270 pages, An historical account of the legendary Thomas Sharp Spencer and his dog Midnight, Spencer of Tennessee was a contemporary of Daniel Boone. Spencer had many incidents with the Indians of the area and was a most successful hunter of bear, buffalo, otter, deer, beaver and other wild game. Scarce. A fascinting read! .


A Land So Strange

By Resendez, Andres

2007, 1st edition, as new condition hardback, with some neat underlinning, with an as new dust jacket, with a priced unclipped dust jacket flap, published by basic Books, New York, 314 pages. The 1528 extraordinary and and epic journey of Cabeza De Vaca who walked across America from Florida to Mexico. Illustrated with drawings, maps a sources section, and an extensive notes section. .


Lewis Wetzel Indian Fighter

By Allman, C.B

1961, 1st Devin-Adair edition, very good+ conditio hardback, 2ith a very good dust jacket, minute chips to dust jacket edges, published by Devin Adair, New York, 237 pages. The life and times Lewis Wetzel Indian fighter, a frontier icon. Through his live weaved the likes of Simon Kenton, Simon Girty, "Mad" Anthony Wayne, Daniel Boone, etc. .


Badges Of The United States Marshals

By Sherrard, Raymond

1991, 1st limited edition, #309 0f 500 deluxe hardcover copies, signed by both authors, Raymond Sherrard and George Stumpf, as new condition, the endpapers are illustrated with a photograph of the Oklahoma land rush, dark blue cloth binding, not issued with dust jacket, 144 pages. A comprehensive account of the United States Marshals from 1789 to 1989, profusely illustrated with photographs of over 450 badges, also how to spot fake and reproductions. Well known Marshals of the Early West up to the present day activities. A section on the Movies and their Marshals, such as John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda, etc. A sources section on where to collect Badges and other Memorabilia, and a bibliography for further study. A great Law Enforcement read! Very scarce in this limited edition, and more so in this exceptionally nice condition! .


Simon Girty The White Savage

By Boyd, Thomas

1928 edition, near fine condition, hardback, with a near fine dust jacket, minute wear to dust jacket edges, published by Minton, Balch & Company, New York, 252 pages. Simon Girty kbown as the White Savage when he allied himself with the Indians the Shawanese, Miamis, Delawareres and the Wyandots on the Western Frontier of the Ohio Country, through his life weaved the likes of Tecumseh, Theyandenegea "Captain Brant", Simon Kenton, Sir John Johnson, "Mad" Anthony Wayne and the battle at fallen timbers were Wayne broke the power of the Indians. With six illustrations and a two page sources section. A fascinating early Americana read! .


Racehoss Big Emma's Boy

By Sample, Race Albert [signed[

1984, 1st edition, as new condition maroon cloth binding, title autho and publisher in gilt on the spine, with an as new dust jacket, with a priced unclipped dust jacket flap, published by Eakin Press, Austin, 320 pages. During the depression years in East Texas The author Albert "Racehoss" Sample" became the product a white "Red Neck" and a black prostitude, and his life of hell in a Texas prison, after seventeen years in the Texas prison system he changed his life around and achieved a remarkable life in Texas law enforcement and in 1976 Race Sample received a full pardon and restoration of all civil rights. Illustrated wuth two photograghs one as a young soldier, one as an older dignified man. Boldly signed on the front free endpaper by the author Race Sample. A fascinating read! .


The Outlaws Of Cave In Rock

By Rothert, Otto A

The Arthur H. Clark Compnay. 1924, 1st edition, very good condition hardback, small wear to edges of binding, interior pages in fine condition, not issued with dust jacket, published by The Arthur H. Clark Company, Cleveland, 364 pages. Historical account of the infamous Outlaws, Highwaymen, River Pirates, with the likes of the Harpe Brothers, Samual Mason, James Ford, John Murrell, and others of their ilk who operated in the pioneer days upon the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and over the Natchez Trace. Illustrated with drawings including a frontisepiece drawing in color of Cave In Rock, and a sources and bibliography. Clark/Brunet #243, Adams Six Guns 1908, Howes 468b. A scarce and fascinating crime read! .


Days Of Darkness The Feuds Of Eastern Kentucky

By Pearce, John Ed

1994, 1st edition, 1st printing, as new condition hardback, with an as new condition dust jacket, published by The University Press Of Kentucky, Lexington, 227 pages. An account of the six most deadly feuds and longest running feuds of Eastern Kentucky, the most well lnown being the Hatfield and McCoy Feud headed by "Devil" Anse Hatfied and Randolph "Old Rannel" McCoy. Illustrated with photographs, and a sources section, Quite scarce in this first edition and more so in this exceptionally nice condition! .


A Sorrow In Our Hearts: The Life Of Tecumseh

By Eckert, Allan W

1992, 1st edition, as new condition, with an as new dust jacket, with a priced unclipped dust jacket flap, published by Bantam Books, New York, 862 pages. The incredible life of Tecumseh, Shawnee Warrior, a legend in his own lifetime. Frontier America in the late 1700's and early 1800's, the Indians, Tecumseh, the Prophet, Little Turtle, Black Hawk, Blue Jacket, Pucksinwah, Big Horn, etc., fought against expansion into the old Northwest Territory, their opposition, George Rogers Clark, William Henry Harrison, "Mad" Anthony Wayne, Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, etc., and then we have Simon Girty who straddled both sides in this struggle. With map of area on the endpapers, and an extensive notes section, and bibliography. Allan Eckert has produced an authoritative biography of one of America's greatest Indian leaders. A fascinating historical read! .


George Rogers Clark Conqueror Of The Northwest

By John Hancock Life Insurance Company

1927, 1st edition, near fine condition, pictorial soft cover binding, published by The John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Boston, 16 pages plus covers, illustrated with drawings and an area map. A brief history of the exploits of George Rogers Clark and his men during the American Revolutionay War. Scarce in this nice condition! .


Chad Hanna

By Edmonds, Walter D. [signed]

1940, 1st edition, near fine condition, minute wear to edges of binding, interior pages in fine condition, wirh a near fine dust jacket, with a priced unclipped dust jacket flap, published by Little, Brown And Company, Boston, 548 pages.A young boy who grows up in Canastota, New York along the Eire Canal and becomes a horse boy on the Eirie Canal, the Huguenine Circus comes to town and Chad runs a way with Circus. A mirror of American life a century ago. The Movie "Chad Hanna" starring Henry Fonda, Dorothy Lamour and an all starred cast was based on this book. With a hard to read signed presentation by the author. .


The Violent Years: Simon Kenton And The Ohio-Kentucky Frontier

By Jahns, Patricia

1962, 1st edition, near fine condition, with a near fine dust jacket, graphic dust jacket art by Sidnee Neale, published by Hasting House, New York, 309 pages. The Trans-Allegheny frontier of the late 1700's and early 1800's, resulting in a dark and bloody Indian war in the opening of the Frontier of Ohio and Kentucky to white settlement. A major figure in this period was Simon Kenton, and his Kenton Boys, a volunteer body of frontier fighters who fought off the raiding Indians, along with the likes of Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, Lew Wetzel, William Henry Harrison, etc., and of course the controversial Simon Girty! With a bibliography for further study, the endpapers have an area map of the Frontier World of Simon Kenton. As an aside it was Simon Kenton who served as James Fenimore Cooper's "Leatherstocking" hero. A fascinating read! .


Santa Bear's First Chrismas

By Repchuk, Caroline

1995, ist edition, as new condition, pictorial hardback, not issued with dust jacket, published by Templar Publishing, London. A delighful Christmas story with Santa Bear and his six cubs that's full of surprises. Profusely illustrated with colorful drawings by Maggie Kneen, all parcel label are present and all cut outs are present! .


Old Christmas

By Irving, Washington

1946, 1st Peter Pauper Press edition, near fine condition pictorial hardback, minor wear to head and toe of spine, housed in a pictorial paper covered box the spine of which is mostly missing, published by The Peter Pauper Press, Mount Vernon, 84 pages. A nostalgic look at Christmas past, illustrated with drawings by Paul McPharlin. .


Fragments Of The Ark

By Meriwether, Louise

1994, 1st edition, fine condition, with a fine dust jacket, with a priced unclipped dust jacket flap, published by Pocket Books, 342 pages. Civil War historical fiction as seen from the perspective of the Southern slaves. .


Why Benedict Arnold Did It

By Randall, Willard Sterne

1990 issue of American Heritage, fine condition, published by THe American Society Of American Historians, 124 pages. The highlight of this magazine is a 12 page article on Benedict Arnold and his activities during the American Revolution that led to his act treason, with illustration by Burt Silverman. The other articles are one on Thomas Edison and his inventions and patents, the Country Club and its snooty snoberry, and the Grand Illusions of the Movie Palaces, etc. all illustrated with photographs. .


The Bowie Knife Unsheathing An American Legend

By Flayderman, Norm

2004, 1st edition, 1st state, as new condition, with an as new dust jacket, published by Andrew Mowbray, 512 pages. A compilation of the fact, fiction, folklore and legend of this most famous knife known as the Bowie Knife, profusely illustrated with photographs, a bibliography, and a Bowie Knife terminology. This first edition, is scarce and most desirable. .


The Great Western land Pirate, John A. Murrell In Legend And History

By Penick, Jr., James Lal

1981, 1st edition, as new condition, with an as new dust jacket, published by The University If Missouri Press, Columbia, 197 pages. John A. Murrell was a petty criminal who achieved infamy in the 1830's as the supposed instigator of a failed slave rebellion. This book is about the legend and the truth of this supposed notories leader of every gang of thieves in the South. .


The Owls Of North America

By Eckert, Allan W

1974, 1st edition,near fine condition, minor wear to lower edge of binding, with a near fine dust jacket, published by Doubleday & Comapny, Garden City, 278 pages. A comprehensive study of the Owls of North America, all species and sub species, profusely illustrated by Karl E. Karalus in black and white and full color, including area maps of the Owls. .


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