Book Collecting

Atlantic Monthly Press

Founded in 1917 in Boston, The Atlantic Monthly Press started as a book publishing imprint of the Atlantic Monthly magazine. In 1925, Little, Brown entered into an agreement to publish all Atlantic Monthly books. This arrangement lasted until 1985 when new ownership established Atlantic Monthly Press as a fully independent publishing house, effectively separating the press from the magazine. In 1993, the Atlantic Monthly Press was merged with Grove Weidenfeld to form Grove Atlantic, Inc. Since the merger, Atlantic Monthly Press has been a hardcover imprint of Grove Atlantic, publishing fiction, history, biography, and narrative nonfiction.

First Edition Identification

Prior to 1925, Atlantic Monthly Press did not use a first edition statement or put the publication date on the title page of first editions and did not consistently list later printings on the copyright page. From the late 1920s through the 1930s, “Published (Month, Year)” on the copyright page with no additional printings listed indicated a first edition. Later on, “First Edition” was added above “Published (Month, Year),” but “Published (Month, Year)” remained on reprints and “First Edition” was removed. Since 1988, first editions from the Atlantic Monthly Press state “First Edition” and “First Printing” on the copyright page.