Rare and Antiquarian Books

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The publication of bibliographies are closely tied to the tradition of biographies and literary criticism.

Books about Books

Bookish books! Read books about books and learn all about books from the books herein. BOOKS!!


Grab a pre-built book collection here! Because sometimes one book isn't enough. (One book is NEVER enough!)


Languages, dissected for our ease of sharing common ground. A is for apple, actually, admonishment, apoplexy...


Before the internet, these were the compendiums of knowledge found in the library or home shelves for research and perusal.

Multi-Volume Sets

Sometimes just one book won't do. This section is dedicated to voluminous tomes and multi-volume sets of books.

Proofs, Galleys & Advance Review Copies

Before the first edition, a book goes through pre-publication stages. These are some of the first instances of a printed work.