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History Rare & Antiquarian Books


Since its founding, the United States of America has occupied a space in both the physical world and the imagination.

General History

History is a broad topic encompassing countless individual disciplines, too many for us to categorize completely, so here's what doesn't fit in the specific subcategories.

Military Books

There are few who would contest the enduring popularity of books on military history among collectors. From academic histories to field officer training manuals, we have marshalled the best of the best.


Unearth some of the finest antiquarian and old books on archaeology here, from Ancient Egypt to the Mayan ruins to the Holy Land, we excavate the finest copies here...

Western Americana

The history of the western U.S. and its earliest settlement is rich with books and ephemera that engage and explore the deep human interest in frontiersmanship.

American History

From the earliest colonial days to the American Revolution and on through the Civil War and War for Civil Rights, we offer a selection of the finest collectible books on American history.

Antebellum South

The period before the U.S. Civil War is perhaps the last hurrah of southern aristocratic culture, and material from this time period is highly sought after and often rather scarce.

European History

European history is as broad and deep as the cultures it describes and this offers a catch-all category for those works that defy categorization.

French History

Collectible books by and about the history of France from the early days of Gaul and Roman occupation through the revolution and Napoleonic period to modern day.

German History

From the end of the Prussian Empire past the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of the German nations, German history has informed the world.

Russian History

Russia's history is not a simple narrative. The Tsarist Empire gave way to decades of Communism and the rise of the Soviet Empire. Russian history is still an evolving story today.

Canadian History

The French most famously colonized Canada, but the Spanish also laid claim to this part of the New World. Canada's history is a rich and varied tapestry of tradition.

British History

From the Venerable Bede to Churchill's History of the English Speaking People. The history of Britain holds special meaning to much of the world.

Irish History

The ancient Celts left little in the way of written history, but the Gaelic revival has helped pick up where the ancients left off.

Civil War

The repercussions of the American Civil War have resounded in our culture and our imaginations, in the United States, and around the world.

European Wars

Accounts of conflicts and armament involving the nations of Europe both current and historic.

World War II

Sometimes described as "the last good war," its outcome redrew maps and changed the world forever. From the many perspectives of nations that fought come this collection of works.

World War I

The same war that cost an estimated 17 million lives produced the sublime poetry of Sigfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.

Ancient History

We can trace our own histories to these beginnings. The Ancient Greeks and Romans, Biblical History, civilizations both East and West.


As distinctly British as Spotted Dick. These works will amuse the fanciers of all things English.


The unique history, idioms, flora and fauna that comprise Australia. This country is a continent onto itself and these books seek to describe that space.


From the mysteries of the Orient of long ago traveler's tales to the depictions of the modern definer of global tastes and trends.


Canada is the world's second largest nation by area. The history and culture of Canada are as varied as the provinces that stretch from the American border to the Arctic Circle.


Europe's emergence from the Middle Ages to the Modern era began in Italy in the 14th Century, leaving an indelible legacy of art, philosophy, literature and science from Boccacio to Caravagio.

Middle Eastern History

From the ancient wisdoms to the seemingly endless struggles to hold the Holy Lands, the area known as the Middle East is rife with tales and a rich history that has shaped cultures around the globe.

Classical History

Greek and Latin cultural history has shaped much of the modern world. Get your toga-clad, laurel-topped wisdom herein.

Asian History

From Japan to China, India to Russia, North and South Korea, and beyond: the largest continent has a legacy and history reaching back to some of our earliest civilizations.