A blindstamp is a stamped impression, usually an image, logo, words, or design on the cover or spine of a book, without color or other decoration. Sometimes also indicated with the phrase "stamped in blind," "blind" refers to the lack of ink, foil, or other distinguishing coloring. Older books often have quite decorative designs embossed into their covers in this way.

Blindstamps are also used on pages, often on flyleaves, by owners of books. The practice of blindstamping is useful for booksellers because they identify specific publishers or or specific editions.

Book club editions are often blindstamped, and are also significantly less valuable than standard hardback editions. Until about 10 years ago, ooh clubs, specifically the Book of the Month Club (BOMC) used blindstamps to identify their editions. Book club editions have largely stopped this practice and today generally only issue the book with a different dustjacket.

A book that whose entire exterior cover is "tooled" or significantly embossed or designed is typical of many antique editions, but this should not be confused with blindstamps, despite the similarity in appearance.

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